Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Data

Modern Storage

Gain the Competitive Advantage.

Performance, efficiency and resiliency are the cornerstones of todays modern storage platforms. Whether on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, move away from the complexities that often accompany legacy infrastructure and empower your business with data access across your network.

See What Your Data Can Do

Every organization collects mountains of data – and it all can be used to improve operations with valuable insights. That’s where technology for modern data storage really provides a competitive advantage.

  • Cloud-ready and cloud-native
  • Scalable
  • Integrates seamlessly with legacy and future platforms
  • Open and interoperable
  • Supportive for AI and machine learning
  • Offers an appropriate balance of cost, simplicity, and fit for its purpose

Providing Modern Storage Solutions You Can Rely On

  • Flash Storage

    Why It Matters:

    Every organization wants to reduce the downtime & increase the performance of their mission-critical applications. With an all-flash storage array, you can do just that while also lowering OPEX, TCO, and reducing the physical footprint of your storage array.

    How We Help:

    Providing the right solution begins with understanding your business and your mission-critical applications. We invest time to understand your systems, goals, and the benefits you will realize from a flash solution.

  • Why It Matters:

    As data continues to grow exponentially, it is more important than ever for businesses to be agile and for infrastructure to scale quickly and easily. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure simplifies deployments, allowing businesses to reduce time-to-market and lower the cost of operating their storage, computer, and virtual infrastructure, while adding embedded elements of disaster recovery and backup.

    How We Help:

    While HCI solutions reduce complexity, an understanding of your requirements is essential in determining the appropriate solution for your virtual environment.

  • Why It Matters:

    In many cases, data is an organization’s most valuable asset, and data loss can result in significant loss of revenue. Backup solutions can deliver instant Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for VMs, Oracle, SQL, and second-level Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for VMs.

    How We Help:

    Whether you back your data up locally, leverage the public cloud, or take a hybrid approach, we can work with you to design and implement a backup solution that meets your requirements for data protection.

  • Why It Matters:

    Be confident that your mission-critical applications are up and running by having a consistent copy of your data across all data center nodes.

    How We Help:

    Understanding how your organization leverages distributed data center architecture to maintain access to your applications is key to developing a business continuity strategy.

“Omada maps out what the roadmap for the next few years will be, and where they see us going and they help us a lot...they don’t try to sell us something just for the sake of making the sale.”

Rick Sarrasin

Key Partnerships Include:


Cohesity develops a cloud-based platform that offers data fragmentation, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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Pure Storage

Pure Storage is a data flash storage company that specializes in cloud-connected data management and desktop and server virtualization.

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Rubrik develops cloud-based software platform delivering data backup, protection, analytics, compliance and recovery solutions for enterprises.

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Veeam designs and develops backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software for businesses.

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ExaGrid provides enterprise data protection, backups, and data restoration.

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HPE is a technology company offering infrastructure development, Internet of Things management and data optimization solutions for IT environments.

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11:11 provides enterprise cloud computing infrastructure with datacenters designed for data backup and recovery.

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Zerto is a provider of disaster recovery and business continuity software for virtualized and cloud data centers.

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