Anomali is the leading AI-Powered Security Operations Platform. Our cloud-native big data solution streamlines visibility, offering unmatched speed, scale, and performance at reduced costs.


Fortra is a multi-faceted cybersecurity platform that provides solutions such as infrastructure protection, data security, and digital risk protection for businesses.


Multicloud data automation, compliance, and governance for the application lifecycle.

Specter Ops

Bloudhound Enterprise: Whether you are building new adversary detection and simulation teams or looking to mature existing competencies, we provide an effective approach focused on integrating technical components into the overall security operations program.


Panther is a cloud-native, code-driven detection and response platform. Panther is a cloud-native SIEM featuring detections-as-code and advanced search, with a number of natively supported log sources and alert destinations.


With Zafran you can determine what level of risk you are willing to take as a company, what external threats you need to worry about, what portions of your business are susceptible to it, and show you how far your existing toolset can be used to mitigate that threat or make recommendations on what additional tools may be needed.


Veza is the Access Control Platform for Identity Security. It enables companies to monitor privilege, investigate identity threats, automate access reviews, and bring access governance to enterprise resources like SaaS apps, data systems, cloud services, and infrastructure services.

Safe Security

Using the FAIR methodology, Safe aggregates automated signals across a variety of arenas such as people, processes, and technology. This allows both first and third parties to dynamically predict the likelihood of a breach and evaluate the potential financial risk.


Snyk offers developer-focused security solutions to help organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in their open-source dependencies and container images.


SentinelOne offers endpoint and cloud security solutions powered by AI and machine learning to protect organizations from advanced cyber threats.